Long Garden – Burwell

This long and very thin garden has been designed as a series of rooms. The garden journey begins with a large shady pergola on the left which is used as an outside dining room.

This really old picture shows that all the gardens in the terrace are the same; very long and very thin with a shed at the bottom. The client felt uncomfortably claustrophobic in this thin garden and also they wanted to find ways of feeling more private.

Here a zig-zag path subtly guides you from side to side through the garden. The planting is tall and hides what is beyond, ensuring you can never see down the full length of the garden, adding a sense of mystery to your journey.

Tall plants enclose you in your own space as the path weaves through the triangular beds.

The zig-zag path opens out onto a hidden seating area. A tall tree not only creates dappled shade but also helps to rebalance the narrowness of the garden.

The planting is really full and by tiering the heights individual plants can be appreciated without being swamped.

The boundary fence is almost completely disguised thus creating the illusion of greater width.

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