Front Garden – South Wraxall

A generous and welcoming curved path gently leads your eyes and guides your feet to the front door. Deep planting borders either side of the path provide lots of colour and interest throughout the year.

Previously the house had been marooned in a sea of tarmac. The clients wanted a complete redesign and restyle.

The tarmac would be replaced with local gravel that could be compacted down to form the new path and driveway.

A gentle curving shape was adopted to form the new path.

The expanse of the drive and path are balanced by deep planting borders. A south facing aspect is perfect for the sun loving silver sea holly. It produces amazing sprays of prickly rosettes that last whole summer.

The horizontal cream flowers contrast well with the vertical habit of the yew tree behind.

The white flowers really glisten when the sun shines from a particular angle and show up against the darkness of the hedge.

A few years on the plants have grown up and and are thriving in the sun.

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