Country Garden – Emberton

This property’s boundary has been extended several times over the years. At one point the boundary grew to incorporate part of an old A road – the A37. As a keen gardener the client wanted to create some new features with the extra land. The main challenges were to find a cost effective solution to disguise the old A road and to screen the new A37.

A series of pools were created in a garden that had been extended to incorporate the old A37.

The pools greatly increased the size and interest of the garden providing colour, wildlife and wonderful reflections of the sky.

As the old A37 lay in a dip the most cost effective solution was to backfill the hollow and create two shallow pools in the process.

Only the area below the new pools needed to be excavated to become the right depth. The remaining tarmac was submerged below new topsoil.

Only a shallow depth of soil is needed for turf and many perennials to flourish.

The sight and sound of the new A37 needed to be obscured to fully enjoy the garden improvements, a Devon hedge provided the solution.

The core of the hedge was made by using the rubble from digging out the pools and the final shape was covered with turf.

Both from a distance and close to the green hedge completely disguises the cars using the busy road behind the trees.

The paths for exploring the new woodland garden were made at the same time as planting masses and masses of shallow rooting woodland plants.

Even after just one growing season the new plants are flourishing and will soon knit together completely to form a carpet.

It will not be long before the larger shrubs will grow up, defining the edge of woodland as a separate area within the garden.

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