Country Garden – Bitton

Here I chose a traditional and formal garden style as I felt it complimented the property’s character. Tall yew topiary punctuates a low box parterre which is filled with lush romantic plants.

The low parterre’s geometric pattern acts to connect the garden with the house and encourages the eye to appreciate the splendid views from this position.

The area around the front door looked really uninviting and outdated. The clients felt it didn’t reflect the property’s true character.

Yew topiary now frames the front door and adds structure and weight to the garden. The living green of the topiary also softens the stone of the house.

The tall conifer by the corner of the house was removed revealing the perfect symmetry of the house. The stonework was cleaned returning the cold grey walls to a lovely warm buff colour.

A heady combination of scented roses, lavenders, peonies and irises are edged with box and punctuated with yew topiary. A perfect mix of romance with formality.

The bird’s eye view of the garden shows the intention for the other parts of the garden.

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