Design Process – Part 3


Garden Landscape Contractor.

After the lawn shape had been tweaked there were no further changes and in this particular garden no additional drawings either for details like a water feature or pergola. (These drawings would clearly show the appearance of the feature and how to build it). Tim however did want a rainwater harvesting system Tim had already used an irrigation system in a previous garden and was impressed by the speed at which the plants grew; he wanted the same for his new garden. I knew just the right landscape contractor for the project.

Brett Hardy and I have worked together for many, many years on a whole range of gardens and I can thoroughly recommend him. At the quote meeting every detail of the new garden is discussed and options are explored where they arise especially any possibilities for recycle existing materials. We had already discussed various choices of material at the presentation meeting and I had brought a few different paving samples to leave with Tim and Ruth so they could take their time making a final decision. I like to find ways of linking the house to the garden and material choice is a simple way of doing so. I suggested a creamy white natural stone for the pathway to pick out the colour of the bath stone on the house. The lawn was to be edged in red brick (making an easy crisp edge to mow) echoing the main material of the house. Brett was going to look into brick choices and get some samples to be sure they were a good match with the house. Tim and Ruth didn’t like any of the wooden gates I had offered at the previous meeting and as gates can be a costly item it was important to get this detail fixed so the quote was comprehensive. It seemed that it was the material itself that didn’t appeal and so we discussed other options. When metal came up as a possibility I suggested they pop around the corner to Iron Art to see what they could do.

It took Brett just over a week to finish the quote and happily it was acceptable. We discussed time scales and booked a date a few months away. Now it was full steam ahead for the planting plan as I don’t start that until after the quote has been agreed, just in case the outline plan has to be altered and requoted for.


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