Alchemy Garden Design

About Me

I left university with a History of Art degree under my belt and my first job was in the news department of the BBC in London. I loved the people there but knew it wasn’t my passion. Casting around for ideas I realised that I adored flowers but knew nothing about growing them! However I was sure I wanted to do something connected with plants and I was drawn to garden design so I decided to take the professional diploma course at Merrist Wood and I have never looked back!

After moving to Bath I was able to spend a fantastic year learning how to garden under the best ever Head Gardener at a small estate in Wiltshire through the WRAGS scheme. (Nearly 20 years later I am delighted to be able to help out at the Women’s Farm and Garden Association – the charity which runs the WRAGS scheme. I work with a great bunch of people and get to see some gorgeous gardens!)

After the WRAGS scheme I was fortunate to be offered an apprenticeship under the multi-award winning designer Sarah Eberle at Hillier Landscapes. Here I became the proud recipient of the Tudor rose award at Hampton Court Flower Show.

I went on to set up and run the Garden Design Studio at Whitehall Garden Centre and after a career break to start my family, I set up my own Garden Design Service in 2004 – my other baby. Alchemy Garden Design offers a garden design service for a wide range of clients. Our aim is to form a creative partnership with our client that develops during the stages of consultation, design and execution. The outcome will be a garden which will fulfil every need and be in harmony with our client’s lifestyle.

After 20 years in Bath, Alchemy Garden Design is now based in Bristol and I am really enjoying the energy and creativity of this great city. I love the contrast between Bristol & Bath and find myself frequently hopping between the two!